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Black Man

Black Man

I see you.

Your forbidden emotions seep through your skin, like water overflowing from a simmering pot. You can hear the lid crack as steam pushes up, trying to run from the fire below, a gentle rumble.

On the outside, it’s quiet, your smooth thick skin, better than concealer, hides your pain. You look good......taught to make the outside look better than the inside, taught to always look your best, fake it until you make it, an imposter.

You're in a land where you have no home, in a land where the majority fear and judge you.

Yet, you walk tall, but every now and then I see your back hunched, from the pressure, from the intolerable weight, from the unrealistic expectations resulting in always trying to prove yourself.

Why can’t they see ME?

Don’t let them convince you your brown skin carries shame. It glistens. The sweat from your brow has built nations. It brings warmth and peace as if you are submerged and wading in tropical still waters.

The light you carry can blind many.

You are loving,

You are intelligent,

You are dependable,

You’re good fathers,

You are talented,

You are hilarious,

You are strong,

but sometimes you need help, sometimes you want to cry, but can’t. Sometimes you want to say, “Tell me everything will be okay.”

Black Man.

I see you.

I got you.

~From A Black Woman~

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